High quality, precision milling

A rigid body frame and the use of ball screws enable smooth, continuous operation resulting in high-quality dental restorations. The DWX-52DC calibrates the five axes automatically prior to milling. An airflow system assists in keeping the work area clean, and an air pressure system has been added to automatically change the volume of air for the type of material being milled.

User-friendly design

The DWX-52DC includes the industry-acclaimed, user-friendly Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel), which can control up to four machines from a single computer to boost production capacity. The VPanel monitors milling bur life and alerts users when burs need to be replaced. A new cleaning function has been added to help reduce post-production work by removing dust from the surface of milled materials like zirconia.

Comprehensive support network for customer peace of mind

A comprehensive support network provides customers with peace of mind when using Roland DG products. In addition to online or telephone assistance, Roland DG also offers educational seminars aimed at increasing customers’ familiarity and confidence with products and services. Service engineers are also available worldwide to assist customers with any questions they may have