Dental partners

Proven technologies, successfully servicing thousands of labs all over the world 3Shape offers the market's most flexible range of technology-leading dental scanners for 3D scanning of both impression and gypsum models. All scaners are easy to use and fully integrated with 3Shape CAD software for optimal workflow efficiency and full indication support. Every 3Shape scanner undergoes strict quality control and accuracy inspection before shipping, and our dedicated service-teams in 3Shape centers worldwide are committed to servicing your scanner many users forward.
+ D500 series
+ D700 series
+ D800 series

EGS is a OEM-targeted high-technology Italian company which focuses its long CAD/CAM experience on the dental industry and develops its technology in-house to ensure maximum quality, providing a complete solution from 3D scanning to CAD Design: Dental Suite, whose digital restoration workflow shortens times and reduces the risk of errors. EGS, at the forefront in offering innovative solutions, is recognized for its leading 3D know-how for OEM market.

Medit is a high-end 3D scanner company developing products exclusively for dental CAD/CAM applications. Its high performance was made possible by the outstanding 3D measurement technology on the basis of over 10 years of experience in high-precision 3D scanning in industrial sectors. Medit proudly present 3D scanners perfectly fitting the steadily growing application requirements from the dental market, especially for the maximum productivity and cost efficient production.

Dental Wings offers three distinct scan and design systems to meet varied needs and budgets. Whether the user is a small clinic or large lab, design outsourcer or in-house manufacturer, all dental professionals can find a system that best meets their needs.

Auto Scan 3D Dental Scanner is independently developed by SHINING 3D, which is a leading high-tech enterprise specialized in providing a whole 3D digitizing solution. Auto Scan is mainly designed for capturing high-accuracy geometrical shape of dental gypsum model/impression, which can be applied to dental implant, dental prosthetics and orthodontics: High Speed Scanning, Open System, Smart and compact design, High Accuracy, No additional charge, no annual fee, Custom OEM solution, Offer with professional CAD.

AGE Solutions was born in 2007, specialized in the three-dimensional data and creating of three-dimensional acquisition systems. The scanner allows the user to get the open STL files that leaves the user the free choice of the center of production. The advanced optical compartment and the automatized motion system, allows a full simultaneous digitization of several models in a single work session without any manual user intervention.

Optimet offers innovative CAD/CAM solutions designed to improve the quality of dental restorations and increase productivity of dental laboratories and clinics. Using a unique technology called conoscopic holography, its scanner enables very accurate scanning for challenging cases such as narrow holes, steep angles and other difficult cases. With a push of a button, Optimet’s chairside scanner offers a new level of precision and reliability for a broad range of dental impression materials, providing patients the highest standards for the most complex dental prosthetics. Optimet is a proven player in the world of digital dentistry with thousands of installations worldwide.

UNIQUE CAD is the easy to use and economic dental design solution for your lab or practice. It covers all important indications: from crown and bridges over inlays/onlays/veneers to implant-work like abutments and bars. UNIQUE CAD can be combined with either a 3D-desktop-scanner to scan models or an intraoral scanner to scan the prepared teeth directly in the patient's mouth. With the fully integrated UNIQUE CAM-software and a Roland milling-machine you will get a complete dental CAD/CAM-solution. Since the system and all of its components are fully open, it can be extended or modified at any time. Additional usage fees don't occur.