Dust Collector

You need a dust collector separately to collect milling dust for this machine. If no dust collector is available, this machine cannot perform milling.

Provide a dust corrector that meets the following conditions.

  • Static pressure: 4 kPa or more
  • Air quantity: 2 m3/min or more

Use the supplied dust collection hose. You should clean the dust collector regularly.

Opening Size to Connect a Dust Collector

System Partner for Dust Collector

Compressed Air Supply Source (Compressor)

Compressed air is necessary for this machine. You need to prepare a compressor separately.
You also need to prepare an air hose to connect the compressor with the regulator in addition.

Provvide a Compressor that meets the following conditions.

  • Air pressure: 0.2 to 1.0 MPa.
  • Air capacity: 30 L/min or more
  • Contamination of the compressed air by foreign material is undesirable. Use an oil-free compressor.
  • Moist air may cause rust. Use a device equipped with a dryer.
  • Stable pressure is required. Select a source that has an adequate tank capacity.

Provide a hose that meets the following conditions.

  • Hose outer diameter: 6 mm (polyurethane tube)