Small footprint, big results

The Roland DWX-4 is the most compact and user-friendly dental milling machine available. Like its larger family members, the DWX-30 and DWX-50, it is capable of milling a wide variety of materials with reliable precision.

Now, you can produce dental prosthetics with consistent accuracy at a very affordable price.

Built for any size lab

With its small footprint and entry-level price, the DWX-4 is ideal for small and midsize labs not yet using digital tools, or for those labs with scanners who no longer wish to outsource production. It’s also perfect for larger labs needing a second device for urgent jobs that don’t tie up their larger production mills. You can economically mill a single crown or small bridge quickly and easily.

A wide variety of materials

The DWX-4 is equipped to mill standard blocks and pin-type materials, including zirconia, wax, PMMA and composite resin.

Powerful yet easy to use

The DWX-4 combines simultaneous 4-axis milling with simple one-button operation. An automated tool changer provides two tools for precision milling from start to unattended finish. Monitoring production is enhanced by the large viewing area and LED-lit interior. A status light alerts the operator of any errors or malfunction to help prevent wasted time and materials and enabling lab technicians to carry out the milling process with confidence.

Economical open architecture

Open architecture allows the DWX-4 to work with the latest materials and CAD/ CAM software so you’re never limited by older technology. If you already have a production solution, the DWX-4 works seamlessly with your existing scanner, oven and compatible CAD/CAM software while eliminating the need to rely on a single source for materials. Compatible with RML-1 and NC code, the DWX-4 interfaces with your computer through a USB 1.1 connector.

Clean cutting area for precision milling.

The DWX-4 is equipped with an integrated air blower that prevents excessive dust buildup and a negative ion generator that neutralizes static electricity when milling PMMA. Adding to peace of mind, the DWX-4 includes a dust collection system and sensor that prevents the machine from starting if the vacuum is inadvertently left off.

The ionizer is always active during milling process.

Ionize off

Ionize on

Growth potential

Highly scalable, the DWX-4 offers multicast capability that allows you to connect
up to four Roland machines to one computer, making it easier than ever for
dental labs to expand their business and increase their production capacity.
The DWX-4 dental milling machine lets labs control the entire process in-house with a single software seat, minimizing your investment in time and money.

Backed by Roland

Roland dental milling machines combine superior performance with legendary reliability. Tens of thousands of Roland users in more than 133 countries rely on Roland’s unmatched customer service and support. As a company, Roland DG’s ISO 9001:2008 and 14001 certifications assure consistent quality in manufacturing.

Virtual Machine Panel

Unlike traditional CNC mills, Roland has replaced the complex controls with a user friendly Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) which operates machine diagnostics and the calibration and milling processes right from your computer desktop. The VPanel also tracks overall machine time for maintenance purposes.

Mail Function

You can receive e-mail notifying that the cutting is completed or an error has occurred.
A free e-mail account such as Gmail, Hotmail etc. are now available.
You can input more than one address by separating with comma.

Tool Management

The tool working time can be managed in VPanel.

You can set the tool replacement time from “Tool management” button.

The tool information shows up when you select a tool.
A reminder shows up when the tool working time reaches its replacement time.

Signal LED lamp

LED light illuminates the interior of the machine.The color changes depending on the status.

Blue signal : Standby

Yellow signal : Error (recoverable)

Red signal:Fatal Error (unrecoverable)