Advanced 3D Technology for Denture Creation

Since launching its first DWX mill for precision milling of dental prosthetics in 2010, Roland DG quickly became a leading manufacturer in the dental industry, helping to digitalize the workflow at dental labs around the world. Now, by harnessing and applying the digital fabrication technologies that it has fine-tuned over three decades, Roland DG has developed the new DWP-80S dental 3D printer exclusively to assist in the production of dentures. The DWP-80S provides a remarkably simple solution for precision 3D printing of custom trays, base plates and frameworks required for dentures. Built to produce the level of quality demanded by industry professionals, the new printer is designed to make denture fabrication easier than previously possible.

Superior quality to transform the fabrication process

By rigorously analyzing the precision and fit required for digitally produced dentures, DWP-80S intelligently determines how dentures are printed and then chooses the ideal number and layout of support points while adjusting for material shrinkage factors. Dental components that previously required an advanced level of skill can now be made easily by anyone to streamline the denture fabrication process.


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