Dental Solution

History in Precision Milling

Since its beginnings in electronic musical instruments in 1972, Roland DG has been driven by a desire to provide artists and industry professionals with the benefits of digital production. Roland DG introduced the world’s first desktop CNC milling machine in 1986 and our widely successful line of dental milling machines is built over 29 years of continual product development.

Roland DG Dental Milling Machine

Roland DG offers compact dental mills designed for your lab's needs that offer all the functionality and support of larger machines in a convenient desktop design. Ideal for laboratories or office environments, the DWX dental mills deliver innovation and high-speed machining capability.

An Open System for Maximum Flexibility

Roland DG's open system makes it easy to customize your dental solution, combining any DWX milling machine with your choice of scanner, CAD/CAM system and most importantly, a wide variety of materials. Unlike a closed system, which limits your choice in software and materials, an open system allows you to customize your options so you can make the right choice for your business. This freedom keeps you in firm control of your production costs and price structure.






Scanners and CAD/CAM for your business

Roland DG DWX mills fit with a variety of the industry's most popular scanners and any CAD/CAM System that outputs an industry standard .stl (stereo lithography) file.

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Choose from a wide variety of materials

Giving patients the freedom to choose has never been easier. DWX mills are compatible with a wide variety of materials, making it easy to offer your patients exactly what they need.


Zirconia is the most popular milling material used today. There are many benefits to choosing zirconia. Easily stained and available in highly translucent forms, zirconia match natural teeth well, making hard to identify the restorations from the real thing. Zirconia has a much higher flexural strength than other materials, so is well suited for patients with bruxism. Unlike metal, the price of zirconia is less volatile, leaves no ugly lines around the gums, and there is no risk of alleric reactions.

Compatible with: DWX-50, DWX-4 and DWX-30

Composite resin

Featuring natural teeth like aesthetics, composite resin materials can be finished without firing - dramatically reducing production time. Patients experience less wear to the opposing dentition and a tooth-like bite feel due to its excellent absorption of chewing forces. Should the underlying dentition need additional treatment or repair, the material can easily be modified and repaired like real tooth

Compatible with: DWX-50 , DWX-4 and DWX-4W

Glass ceramic

Glass ceramic is the cutting-edge new material with robust consistency, high flexure strength and the esthetics of natural teeth. Despite its strong hardness, the abrasion properties are similar to natural teeth, minimizing damage to the pairing natural teeth. It is gaining attention as a material friendly to the natural teeth for its high biocompatibility.

Compatible with: DWX-4W


There are many benefits in wax for traditional PFMs, casting and pressing. The quality of fit is exceptional and consistent, and the occlusal surface can be as detailed as you like.

Compatible with: DWX-50, DWX-4 and DWX-30


PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) is an acrylic material which comes in dental discs in a wide range of traditional shade.

Compatible with: DWX-50 and DWX-4