Dental partners

The best CAM solution for the dental technicians and labs! Are you dreaming of more functionality from your CAM software in the future? SUM3D Dental makes your dreams a reality, right now. The reliable CAM which enhances your technical capabilities, while improving the quality and range of your products.

WorkNC Dental. WorkNC Dental is a fully open dental CAD/CAM system for accurate and reliable automatic machining of prosthetic appliances, implants based prosthetic or structures. It allows users to offer the best compatibility with the leading Dental CAD system and allows to import STL files with or without specific meta-data (Margin line, Implant kit positions...). Work NC Dental's technological solutions produce high quality machined dental components in greatly reduced production cycle times. This is why WorkNC Dental has been developed in liaison with several CNC machine manufacturing partners to ensure the accuracy and quality of custom abutments and other dental prostheses.

DentMILL. Dental CADCAM Suite DentMILL is an automated CAM solution designed to rapidly produce toolpaths for machining dental restorations in a wide range of materials including soft and hard state zirconium, nickel and chrome alloys, titanium and wax. Our DentMILL Solution is built upon our PowerMILL enabling the user to machine single or multiple Copings, Crowns & Bridges. DentMILL is fully integrated with DentCAD, our design solution, allowing seamless flow from design to milling. DentMILL is available in three different levels, allowing you to upgrade as your business grows.

GO2dental for Easy Shape is specific customized version of GO2dental for Roland milling machines.
It is open to any CAD software and is used to produce any kind of dental parts, including models, and compatible with any material.
GO2dental produces high precision parts and is recognized as the easiest to use dental CAM software.

Be more competitive with fully automated manufacturing 3Shape CAMbridge™ automatically prepares the lab's digital designs for manufacturing using the material and corresponding manufacturing equipment selected in the Dental System™ order. CAMbridge™ not only reduces manpower and skill requirements, but also improves material utilization and significantly increases manufacturing capacity with parallel processing of multiple items.
+ CAM software with 5-axis milling strategies
+ Optimized for wax printers and model making machines
+ Automated preparation for Laser sintering machines

hyperDENT: The Art of Dental engineering. hyperDENT is quality leader in the Dental CAM Market and every feature and function must fulfill the highest quality requirements on 4 dimensions: Ease of Use, Flexibility, Efficiency and Part Quality. hyperDENT is highly automated, customers can create their own milling strategies and produce various different party types (e.g. Individualized Abutments, Complete Models), hyperDENT is fast in calculation and milling and furthermore produces a perfect fit and a very nice surface quality.

Mayka Dental. Our full 3D open CAM milling software easily allows you to produce 3D prosthesis with any CNC milling machine. Myaka Dental comes ready-to-use with a few click of you mouse. Tried and test milling template strategies are ready to use and are being continuously approved by Dentists and Dental Technicians over the last 5 years. Our software has been developed and approved for many different materials like wax, PMMA, Zirconia, Titanium, Cobalt Chromium, Lithium Disillcate.....