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Roland DG Corporation is a leading worldwide manufacturer of precision digital devices, including wide format inkjets printers, milling and engraving machines, vinyl cutters, 3D scanners, jewelry wax modeling and photo impact printers. In addition, the company offers software and other components that provide professionals with complete solutions. With ownership, Roland DG customers get legendary Roland reliability and world-class service, support and training. Roland DG is ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certified. The company strives to preserve environmental protection while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Roland DG History

Roland DG (Digital Group) was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1981 as a subsidiary of Roland Corporation, a world leading electronic musical instrument manufacturer. The early 1980s saw the rapid rise of digital technology and personal computers, and people of all nations marveled at the possibilities they held. Realizing the importance of computers to modern society, Ikutaro Kakehashi, founder of Roland Corporation, decided to take advantage of the digital technology they had developed through the production of electronic musical instruments and apply it to computer peripherals in order to cultivate a new market, thus forming Roland DG.

The Company first developed the CMU-800 Computer Music System which allowed the user to compose and automatically perform music using a personal computer, and also the DXY-100 pen plotter, which was initially developed to output musical scores for music created on the CMU-800 by moving a pen horizontally (X axis) and vertically (Y axis) across the surface of a piece of paper. In the 1980s, business grew rapidly as the market for pen plotters expanded to manufacturing design and development departments, and to construction offices and architectural schematics. During this time, the Company began exploring other product offerings. Replacing the pen with a cutter enabled Roland to begin development of vinyl cutting machines and, by adding height (Z axis), 3D milling machines and engraving machines.

The 1990s marked the time when the Company’s flagship products changed to vinyl cutting machines and shifted its focus to the sign and display markets. Realizing the importance of color signs, the Company developed and introduced the world’s first thermal transfer color printer/cutter in 1995. Currently the Company continues to focus on its color business with its wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters, which have secured more than 40% of the world market share in durable graphics, as well as the 3D business including 3D milling machines, 3D laser scanners, and engraving machines. In 1999, the Company received ISO 9001 certification, and in 2000 was granted ISO 14001 certification. Also in 2000, the Company listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and then in 2002, moved up to the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section.

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Pen Plotter

3D Milling Machine

Engraving Machine

Vinyl Cutting Machine

Thermal Transfer Color Printer/Cutter

Wide-Format Inkjet Printer/Cutter


Digital Factory

Roland DG's "Digital Value Engineering" (DVE) employs the latest digital technology to improve the company's business workflow processes. The Digital Factory is Roland DG's manufacturing system in which production, marketing, purchasing, service, quality control departments and suppliers all collaborate on the development of a product. This collaboration, along with the common use of 3D CAD data, ensures fast and effective production. Integral to DVE, Roland DG has replaced its conventional production lines with a digitally-controlled system entitled Digital Yatai. Digital Yatai is an advanced cell production system unique to Roland DG. To complete a final product, an assembly staff member refers to a 3D graphic manual displayed on a monitor, while assembling parts that are automatically released from a rotating rack. The ability to fulfill orders of any quantity, coupled with Yatai's ability to produce any type of device, greatly improves manufacturing quality and flexibility.

Digital YATAI

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Environmental Policies

Roland DG Corporation is ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certified and bases its environmental policies and practices on the concept that environmental issues are common to all mankind, and that they contribute to the preservation and welfare of both our society and the global environment. Roland DG Corporation strives to protect the environment while maintaining the highest quality standards and pursues both environmental protection and continuous quality improvement. Under the philosophy of preserving the environment and human health, Roland is actively working to abolish organic solvents in production, to reduce and recycle waste, reduce power use, and to purchase recycled products. Roland constantly strives to provide the most highly reliable products available. Each year Roland DG Corporation publishes the Environmental Report, in order to make the details of the environmental activities available to all. The environmental information and the annual reports are available on the company's website.

Roland DG Environmental Activities